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...that's how fast people form an opinion about your website, which determines whether they stay or leave.

Web Design & Development Services

Fully Customized Original Design

  • Original design from scratch
  • Mobile-First responsive layout (optimized for phones, looks good on all devices)
  • Design based on User Experience (UX) research & design principles
  • Totally custom and unique to you

Perfect for: People who want to stand out with something totally unique and have the flexibility of a custom site tailored to their specific needs.

Customized Design From Template

  • Design based on a template (Photoshop Comp or WordPress Theme)
  • Responsive layout (looks good on all devices)
  • Customized for your needs within the bounds of the template

Perfect for: People who already have a design for a custom site or who want a WordPress site from a theme.

Update on Existing Design

  • Redesign of existing site
  • Responsive layout (looks good on all devices)
  • Design changes based on User Experience (UX) research & design principles
  • Customized for your needs

Perfect for: People who like some aspects of their existing site, but need some updates and/or new features (including responsive layout).

Interested in learning more? Contact me for a free consultation to help you evaluate your needs and find the best solution for you.

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Responsive Designs Based On User Experience (UX) Research

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At a time when 86% of consumers use the internet to search for businesses, a website can be what makes or breaks a consumer purchasing decision. And with 60% of all internet access being done on mobile phones, how your site looks on a small screen is more important than ever. I make sure every website I create is responsive across all devices and I build layouts based on User Experience (UX) research and design principles.

Translation: I create websites that are enjoyable and easy for consumers to navigate, whether they are on a phone, tablet, or computer, so they stick around after those first 0.05 seconds.

Contact me below to get started!

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